What Does Horsemanship Class Involve?

Students cover basic equine science and horsemanship, exploring everything from leading and tying knots to conformation, common diseases, and mounted riding skills.  Half of each period is dedicated to ground work and the other half involves mounted activities.

How Do We Sign Up?

You must be a currently registered member of Gull Lake (or another participating) Home School Partnership to participate. Please visit gulllakeschools.net and register for P.E. Anatomy of Movement or P.E. Health and Wellness.  Following that, you will need to register with Eastfork to secure your time slot on our courses page.

How Long Are Classes?

Each class lasts approximately an hour and a half. Upper level classes (Horsemanship 3+) are approximately an hour.

At this time, there are Horsemanship I,   Horsemanship II, and Horsemanship III, and Horsemanship IV.   Generally speaking the student will take each course in numerical order.  Special circumstances may allow for 'testing out' of a lower level course to begin at a higher level.

How Do The Students Progress?

Classes will run at scheduled times provided there is enough interest in the particular time slot.

Though we would like to accommodate everyone's special circumstances- due to the nature of the program and in the interest of providing the best possible educational climate, spaces in each class are limited and will be granted on a first come-first served basis.  Additionally, we are unable to provide 'mixed classes' at this time, so siblings or friends in different levels will not be able to participate in the same time slot.

*Specific time slots are listed on our courses page*

When Are Classes Available?