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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you board horses?


Do you rent out horses for trail rides?

No.  One time rides are available and include a brief lesson with our instructor and a short trail ride on the property. You are not permitted to “get on and go” by yourself.

How old does my child have to be to take riding lessons?

We usually start at 5 years old.

Do they/I get to ride the same horse every week?

Not necessarily. Horses are matched to their people based on size, temperament, skill level, current goals, and availability.  As every horse has a different personality, movement, and skill level, horse variety contributes to overall horsemanship by teaching the rider to confidently adapt to each situation.

Is the whole lesson spent riding the horse?

No.  Students learn basic horsemanship skills such as leading, grooming, tacking, and cleaning up after their horse.

Are helmets required?  Do I have to purchase one to participate?

Yes, helmets are required.  No, ASTM certified helmets are provided, though you are welcome to bring your own, provided it meets ASTM safety criteria.

What kind of shoes do I/my child have to wear?

Closed toed, hard soled shoes are required.  Tennis shoes are acceptable, but boots are preferred.

How should I/my child dress for lessons?

Please dress for the weather.  We are fortunate enough to have an indoor riding arena for inclement weather, but it is not climate controlled.  In the winter months, please be prepared to ride with appropriate gloves (huge ski gloves and mittens are hard to ride in!) and several layers (as the lesson progresses, it’s nice to peel off layers as necessary.) For summer months, we ask that riders continue to wear long pants, as shorts can be very uncomfortable to ride in.

What happens if my desired lesson time is unavailable?

We try our best to accommodate everyone but this is sometimes not possible.  If your time is unavailable, you will be recommended another time slot that fits your specific riding needs.


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